My name is Wallis NAHABOO and I'm currently (2015) in my third year of PhD in biology at ENS Lyon, France. I work on cell division in C. elegans embryos in Dr Marie Delattre lab, in LBMC. I am characterizing a new pushing force involved in chromosome separation. The originality of this work lies in combining cell biology and biophysics approaches (microscopy, laser ablation, Matlab, RNAi, ..).

I'm particularly interested in the interface between cell biology and physics, as I have an Engineering diploma in biomedical and a Bachelor diploma in engineering sciences from the engineering school Grenoble INP, Phelma (PHysics, applied Physics, ELectronics and MAterials Science), France. During this formation, I acquired knowledge in different fields such as molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, cancer and radiation biology, tissue engineering, biomaterials, nuclear magnetic resonance, nuclear physics, semiconductor devices ...

This website shows:

  • my acquired skills and the details of my formation

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Wallis Nahaboo,
21 Apr 2015, 08:28