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Master internship as an engineering student (M2):

I did a master internship as an engineering student in biotechnology for 6 months in 2012.

I worked in the team of Dr. Marie Delattre, at LBMC (Laboratory of Molecular and Cell Biology) in ENS Lyon, France.

I had my own project on
"Biophysics and molecular analysis of mitotic spindle elongation mechanisms in C. elegans embryos". I developed a protocol to destroy physically a cellular component, called a centrosome, with a two-photon laser and a confocal microscope. I liked this project because I had to handle biological samples and biophysics tools. Based on those results and on the scientific environment, I began a PhD on the same subject and in the same laboratory.

Application internship for an engineering student (M1):

I did an application internship for an engineering student in biotechnology for 10 weeks during the summer 2011 (06/06/2011 - 08/12/2011).
I worked in the department of Medical Physics and Bioengineering at UCL (University College London), to be more precise in the radiation physics group under the supervision of Prof Robert Speller.

My project was about the behaviour of bones under an axial compression. The samples were chicken leg bones and a microCT was used to observe the phenomenon in tridimension.The project was interesting: it included all the first steps (setting up of the manipulations, setting up of the processing program etc). This first experience in research strengthened my will to work in research.