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Student projects

During my studies I had to do several biophysical projects.

Assisted detection of a couple antigen-antibody by micro-magnet (2011):

    The goal was to test a microfluidical system to detect a couple antigen-antibody. The antigen linked to fluorescent beads and the antibody linked to magnetic beads will reveal the interaction antigen-antibody under a magnetic and microfluidical system.
    My project group, composed of Paul GIMENEZ, Alexandra MARTIN, Géraldine PENVEN, Florian PINEDA and I, realised this project under the supervison of Marianne Weidenhaupt and Franz Bruckert. We received the help of Guille BLAIRE, Luiz Fernando ZANINI, G2ELAB Team and Laurent NAULT.

DNA Biochip: Modeling and Simulation of hybridization of oligonucleotides on functionalized surface (2011):

    This project is a simulation project on COMSOL. The purpose is to simulate the covering rate of DNA on a biochip in 2D and 3D. I did this project with Géraldine PENVEN and under the supervision of Jean-Marc DEDULLE.